This documentation was written for Raai series. Parts might not be applicable to the old version Compieuw. Documentation for Roepvooruit series is still available though.

Welcome to the documentation section of WWWServer! Please select one of the subjects below you want help on.

Langsel - Check this page if you want to know how you can make WWW Server speak your language. Currently supported are English, German and Dutch.

Application help: First Start - Welcome - General - Access - Folders - Ports - About - These are the help pages describing the different tabs of the interface of WWW Server. You can always access these pages by pressing the Help button from the application.

Using the NT Service - Look here if you want to know (almost) everything about running WWW Server as a Windows NT Service.

Custom 404 error message - Customize the look of the "404 File Not Found" error message.

Upgrading - If you want to upgrade your server to Raai or above, be sure to read this page.

PHP plugin - Some things about the PHP plugin for WWW Server.

Server Side Includes - Everything about the Server Side Includes plugin for WWW Server.