DiGi WWW Server is:

A free web server...

WWW Server is both open-source and free. That means it does not cost anything, you can do about anything you want with it and it does not contain banners or spyware.

... for Windows

WWW Server should run on all 32-bit Windows versions. It has been tested under Windows 98 and 2000, and should thus run at least on 9x, Me, 2000 and XP.

User friendly

WWW Server is very easy to use. You can have your website online within a minute, thanks to the friendly first-start dialog.

The more advanced features can also be configured from the user-friendly graphical interface. And in case you are lost, context-sensitive help is always only one click away.

With Langsel, you can configure the interface to appear not only in English, but in Dutch or German as well.


WWWServer supports these features:

  • Virtual folders
  • Multi-ported
  • Virtual hosting
  • IP-based access control
  • Cache manager
  • Run WWW as NT Service
  • PHP and SSI plugins


The executable of WWW Server is not even 600 kb in size, and the plugins are all less than 100 kb. That means that WWW Server together with all plugins would fit on a floppy easily!


With WWW Server, the documentation is not just the source. For almost everything, from configuring virtual hosts to using the NT service, up-to-date documentation is provided on this website.


27-05-2009: Updated version of PHP plugin released. For both Compieuw and Raai, a new version of the PHP plugin has been released. It adds support for recent versions of PHP.

25-10-2006: Raai.2 has been released. It fixes a bug in the virtual hosting code. Compieuw does not have this bug, as it doesn't support hostname based virtual hosting.

25-10-2006: Fixed version of SSI plugin released. Finally I have taken the time to upload the fixed versions of the SSI plugin for Raai and Compieuw. The new version correctly handles the "include" directive, and the new Raai version also got the DOCUMENT_URI variabele.

21-01-2006: Raai.1 and Compieuw.4 have been released. Some little annoyances have been fixed.

10-12-2005: New e-mail address. The e-mail address at the bottom of this page has been corrected. Mails to the old address could sometimes not be delivered because I used IMAP and web.de only allowed to store up to 500 e-mails.

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