What is Langsel?

Langsel is a package that lets you use DiGi Software applications in your own language. It can be used with WWW Server and TxBrowser. The languages that are currently included are English, Dutch, to a lesser extent German and even lesser French.

If you have installed Langsel and selected your language, all elements in the interfaces of WWW Server and TxBrowser will use your language.

Installing or upgrading Langsel

Installing Langsel is easy. Just download the application, unzip it and run it. You do not need to do anything special besides that. To upgrade Langsel to a newer version, simply unpack the new version into the same directory where the old version resides.

As long as you are upgrading to a newer version, you should not see any compatibility problems. Even TxBrowser 2.5, released four years ago and with that the oldest Langsel-supporting application available, is perfectly compatible with the upcoming release of Langsel for WWW Server Raai.

If you have already installed Langsel, and you want to move it to another directory (or you want to place an upgraded version into another directory), you must delete the file languages.ini. This file resides in your Windows directory, e.g. C:\WINDOWS or C:\WINNT.