PHP plugin


Installing the PHP plugin

  1. Download and install PHP itself. When asked which web server to configure, select "Other CGI".
  2. Download the PHP plugin and unpack it into the same directory where the WWW Server executable resides.
  3. If WWW Server is not running, start it and open the plugin manager. If WWW Server is already running, open the plugin manager and choose "Reload all".
  4. Select the PHP plugin and choose "Configure plugin"
  5. Use "c:\program files\php\php-cgi.exe" as exefile. Of course, change the path if you did not install PHP in the default location.


In recent versions of PHP, php.exe is only suitable for running from the command line. It does not register GET, POST or cookie variabeles. You must configure the PHP plugin to use php-cgi.exe!

WWW Server caches files, and PHP pages are no exception. So do not forget to empty the cache after you changed a script. Or, if your script is really dynamic, set the appropriate HTTP headers:

header("Pragma: no-cache");
header("Cache-Control: no-cache");