Security and Important Bugs


Practically every computer program contains errors, and so does WWW Server. This page lists the most serious known flaws in WWW Server.

Security Flaws

If a vulnerability is present in the version of WWW Server you use, you are urged to upgrade to a version that contains a fix, and that does not contain other vulnerabilities.

No.Description Applies toVersionsFixed in
II Excessive CPU usage with URL containing many slash signs ServerCompieuw - Compieuw.1Compieuw.2
I Access to any file using URL containing ".." ServerCompieuw beta 2Compieuw

Other Flaws

These are flaws that can crash the server or make it inavailable, but that cannot be triggered remotely.

No.Description Applies toVersionsFixed in
III Server freeze with certain SSI documents SSI Plugin All older versions (see description) Compieuw.2, Raai.1