Raai is the current and recommended major release of WWWServer. Compieuw is still maintained for those who do not want to upgrade to Raai.

PackageRaaiCompieuw Description
WWW Server Raai.2 Compieuw.4 The base package of WWWServer. You really want this, well, unless you are upgrading a plugin of course.
Langsel 1.3 1.2 To use WWWServer using Dutch or German as the interface language, download and install this package.
NT Service Raai.2 Compieuw.4 With this add-on you can run WWWServer as a Windows NT Service, so that the server keeps running when you are not logged in.
PHP Plugin Raai.1 Compieuw.1 Use this plugin to add PHP support. Do not forget to also download and install PHP itself.
SSI Plugin Raai.1 Compieuw.2 Use this plugin to add support for Server Side Includes.
Plugin template Raai Compieuw If you want to write your own plugin, use this as a template

Source Code: The source code of WWWServer is available via anonymous CVS. It is also possible to browse the CVS repository on-line via the WebCVS interface.

By downloading the source code from CVS, you can recompile any version of WWWServer using other Delphi versions and compiler settings than I chose. It also allows you to get a preview of new versions before they are released as binary packages. Logo